Living Locally, Watching Globally: Pros And Cons Of Local Cable Service

Supporting local small businesses is a crucial part to keeping today’s economy from crumbling. It may be wise, however, to choose the types of businesses you want to support. While visiting your local coffee shop for a quick bite and a cup of coffee will greatly benefit your small town, subscribing to local cable services may not be such a good idea.

The Pros of Local Cable Services

Large cable companies often seem daunting to first time subscribers. Local cable companies will provide a level of customer service that is often hard to beat by the big boys in the business.

Local cable companies will also be more responsive to any issues you may have with your cable. You will likely know the person you are speaking to personally over the phone which will greatly benefit you when you’re trying to troubleshoot a problem.

The Cons of Local Cable Services

The main downside to local cable services is that you will likely only receive a limited amount of channels. Big cable companies have the access and the rights necessary to broadcast a vast array of sports channels, movie channels, news channels and may even have more options for your local channels as well.

Because large cable companies have more clients, they will likely offer lower monthly rates for their services as well.

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