Bang For Your Buck: “Premium Channel” Packages Actually Worth It

The latest high definition televisions feature huge wafer thin screens that are as fragile as they are impressive, and mounting them for optimal viewing presents a number of challenges. The first decision to make is placement. Optimal viewing distances are far closer than most people think, directtv website, and the biggest mistake is overestimating the impact a screen will have. For example, the best distance for a 50 inch screen is only 7.5 feet. Another consideration of mounting position is eye level. Having to look up at a screen can lead to neck strain and a poor viewing experience.Want more? Click here{{/tag} The next challenge is light and reflections. TV showrooms are normally dark places to minimize these problems, but this is not easy to replicate at home. An adjustable mount with an articulating arm is a good way to lessen the impact of glare and picture washout. The mount should also be chosen carefully. It must be capable of holding the weight of the TV, and also provide sufficient ventilation to prevent the set from overheating. Care should also be taken to ensure that mounting hardware is anchored in studs or beams to avoid a costly mishap. One approach is to use the table stand that TVs are equipped with to test different viewing positions before a final decision is made.

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